Fields of Expertise  

The firm's main activity focuses on legal services of different aspects and forms. At KAZ-Law we try to find legal solutions to all of our clients' problems.

Our field of activity includes:

 Administrative Law

 Alternative Dispute Resolution


 Banking Law

 Bankruptcy and Insolvency

 Business Law

 Corporate Rules and Laws (Company Set-up; Corporate Council)

 Commercial Law

 Communications/Media Law


 Criminal and Penal Law

 Employment/Labor Law

 Family Laws (Marriage – Divorce; Different religions & sects)

 Foreign Investment


 Heritage Laws

 Immigration Law


 Intellectual Property




 Maritime Law


 Medical Malpractice


 Patents / Trade Marks / Copyright


 Property Law

 Real – Estate


 Unfair Competition and Regulation

 Wills and Successions


Administrative Law:

Many conflicts may arise between members of the private sector and governmental institutions. Those conflicts, and all other conflicts that the governmental institutions are part of, are solved through the rules of Administrative Law.

At KAZ-Law , we handle many cases under the Administrative Law, such as expropriation, annulment of administrative decisions, contracts between the private sector and governmental institutions … etc.

We also provide consultations regarding administrative issues.


Alternative Dispute Resolution:

KAZ-Law assists clients in resolving disputes without resorting to Litigation. This is established through various dispute resolution procedures, including binding and non-binding Arbitration, Mediation, Mini-trials and Expert fact-finding and early neutral Evaluation.

We help clients establish dispute handling systems for different categories of disputes.

Our legal team structures individually tailored dispute resolution clauses to be inserted within different types of contracts.



Arbitration is a fundamentally different approach to managing and resolving disputes. The process involves the parties within a dispute agreeing to appoint one or more independent arbitrators to settle the dispute by delivering what is usually a binding decision, known as an award.

At a time when the judicial system is burdened with unnecessary, time consuming procedure, Arbitration is the best resort.

Successful Arbitration requires experienced practitioners, trained in the relevant legal rules and procedures.

Practitioners must keep in mind, sensitive cross-cultural considerations while handling international disputes.

Lawyers at KAZ-Law are specialized in domestic Arbitration and thus are experienced in proceedings and rules set by the Lebanese Arbitration Center at the Beirut Chamber of Commerce.

On top of that, Dr. Kamal Abou'Zahr, who is a member of the Arab Arbitration Association, handles international arbitral cases.

Our experienced legal team assists with:

– Drafting arbitration agreements.
– Drafting arbitration clauses within contracts.
– Choosing an arbitrator, venue and system.
– Enforcing arbitral awards.


Banking Law:

The regions Banking and Finance sector is growing in size and sophistication. In Lebanon the industry faces significant issues, including increased competition from foreign banks and financial institutions.

Unique challenges include laws being proposed by the Lebanese Central Bank to regulate the activity of Islamic Banks in Lebanon .

At KAZ-Law we are proud to have worked closely with Muslim authorities to convey their religious contributions as to the bases of operation for Islamic banks.

Lawyers, who represent banks in Lebanon , often refer to Dr. Abou'Zahr for advice and consultation.

Our team, despite being specialized in Islamic Banking, is also experienced at a more general level in Banking Law.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency:

Despite strong regional economic growth, corporate collapse is always a risk. As demonstrated in recent high-profile administrations, the effects are often multi-jurisdictional and long lasting. To survive Bankruptcy and Insolvency, organization and individuals require experience, responsive and solution-oriented legal advisories.

Our team of specialists includes experienced commercial litigators who regularly act in complex insolvencies. We work with liquidators, banks, administrators, receivers and bankruptcy trustees.

A distinguishing feature of our bankruptcy practice is our international network of affiliates. This allows our team to act swiftly, with quick access to courts for injunctions, to preserve assets and to challenge void able transactions.

Our Bankruptcy and Insolvency expertise include:

– Liquidation
– Corporate Reconstruction
– Voluntary Administration
– Corporate Fraud and Asset Tracing
– Criminal Bankruptcy


Business Law:

Business Law is one of the most important regulations in the Lebanese legal system. It contains rules that organize and govern all issues related to modern business and commercial life, such a corporate, institutions, merchants, bankruptcy, commercial papers … etc

At KAZ-Law we have a major interest in Business Law, and provide many legal services regarding all issues related to it.

Currently, KAZ-Law represents many commercial companies, institutions and merchants, working either inside or outside the Lebanese territory, and has attained a good experience in this aspect.


Corporate Rules and Laws:

Actually, corporates have their legal bases in both the Law of Obligations and Contracts, and the Commercial Law.

We provide all legal services regarding companies, such as setting-up contracts, documents needed to create a company (all types, including off-shore), preparing minutes of the meetings inside the companies, consultations, solving issues between the companies and governmental institutions and ministries (such as the Ministry of Labor), pursuing customers of those companies in order to force them to fulfill their obligations and debts, going either ways, civil or penal, depending on the nature of the debt.

And, as in the section of Business Law, we represent many Lebanese and foreign companies. In short, we provide all legal services related to those companies.


Commercial Law:

Traders operate in a competitive and fast-changing market place. To make the most of the opportunities in this sector, they need to consider the legal issue when making strategic decisions.

As Law practitioners, KAZ-Law provides legal advice in:

– International imports and exports.
– Labor and Union Associations.
– Letters of Credit.
– Commercial debt collection through litigation.
– Commercial representation and legal counsel to such representatives.

Our team acts for clients in a diverse range of industries and on a wide range of products. At KAZ-Law we provide legal advice to literally every aspect related to commercial law.


Communications / Media Law:

Globally, the media, broadcasting and entertainment industry is booming.

At KAZ-Law we handle legal issues related to Media, Internet and Broadcasting.

Lebanon is likely going to witness the privatization of the country's official television carrier (Tιlι Liban), an event which will impose a radical change to the regulatory environment facing this sector.

On the other hand, newspapers and magazines are governed by a special law with penal characteristics.

KAZ-Law is proud to advise and represent a large number of the leaders in that sector. We legally represent both political and entertainment magazines and newspapers published all over the globe.

Not long ago, Dr. Abou'Zahr engaged in a law suit applied by the Lebanese Presidency against one of our clients. Our party was fully acquitted and not a cent of indemnity was imposed.



Contracts constitute an important legal entity in the Lebanese and International legal systems. They are considered the law of the contracting parties. And according to the article (166) of the Lebanese Law of Obligations and Contracts, parties are free to organize their legal relations as they wish.

Thus, KAZ-Law has a very well-trained legal team experienced in creating all types of contracts (lease, commercial, labor …); in addition to leading the negotiations related to those contracts (domestically as well as internationally), fulfilling, as a result, the best interests of our clients.

Criminal and Penal Law:

Criminal or Penal Law contains rules that govern all criminal acts and states penalties due to each crime, aiming through this at reducing the amount of crimes inside the society, and at delivering the spirit of justice and equity among all the parties constituting this society.

KAZ-Law has always been interested in serving the principles of justice, and has always played a leading role in this matter.

At KAZ-Law , we deal with all kinds of penal files, starting from theft, swindle, commercial crimes such as fraudulent bankruptcy … etc. And we are proud of what we have achieved in this matter.


Employment and Labor Law:

Relationships between employers, employees and trade unions are governed by Laws spanning from workplace agreement, industrials awards, occupational health insurance and safety regulations.

Our legal advisers have a thorough understanding of all employment and labor Laws, as well as a deep consideration of the “people” and the humane side of the equation.

With a pragmatic approach, our team of legal advisers and litigators provide practical legal advice and commercial awareness along with a strong understanding of our clients' business objective.

At KAZ – Law we have the experience and resources necessary for providing legal guidance for successful mergers, acquisitions and reconstructions, specifically in employment related issues.

Expertise includes:

– unfair dismissal
– discrimination
– workplace responsibilities
– obligatory social insurance
– unions


Family Laws:

The Lebanese society is constituted of various religions and sects, and each of those has its own legislation and courts concerning family matters.

This occurred because of Lebanon 's position. Lebanon lies in a central region in the middle east, where all holy religions have originated.

In order to provide services regarding family issues, KAZ-Law has specialized lawyers who are well acknowledged of the various legislations governing al matters that might occur, such as marriage, divorce, alimony ...

In addition to many consultations about subjects that were a matter of conflict inside the Lebanese society, and whether it is acceptable or not, in a country like Lebanon .

At KAZ-Law we tackle such issues regardless of the kind of religion or sect. The diversity of our team, along with their experience in civil and religious courts, makes us well prepared to handle all aspects of family law.


Foreign investment:

Due to the development of the Lebanese commercial role after the Lebanese civil war, foreign investment in the Lebanese markets has witnessed a huge bloom.

This huge development has forced the Lebanese Law Makers to put into execution many laws and provisions to enhance foreign investment.

KAZ-Law plays a great role in giving legal consultation to foreign investors, providing them with all necessary information about the Lebanese legal system and the laws that may affect their work inside Lebanon . In addition to preparing all necessary documents related to their field of investment.



It is obvious that commercial transactions around the world have encountered a huge increase and development in the 20 th century, especially after the concept of Globalization has been widely discussed.

Franchise contracts are the most practical method in implementing those commercial transactions, which are usually made by multinational companies that work in more than one country.

Due to its importance, KAZ-Law members are interested in moving along with the development of the world-wide commercial movement, and majorly in Franchise contracts, beginning with negotiations, passing through setting-up the contracts, and ending with executing the contract.


Heritage Laws:

Heritage Laws are a part of family laws, and thus, they vary according to the differences between religions and sects.

At KAZ-Law , we take all actions that would lead to the proper application of the Heritage Laws, such as finding out who the true heritors are, the proportion by which the heritage is distributed and transferring the assets of the heritors … etc.

Our work includes collaboration with governmental institutions and ministries (finance, internal affairs …) in order to accomplish the job.


Immigration Law:

Our Firm not only deals with individuals who want immigrate abroad. It also deals with local issues that may arise once the person has immigrated to another country. For example, we can help those individuals who may want to invest in another country or who are facing a criminal case which may lead to deportation.



Within recent years, major global and local events have radically altered the insurance environment.

Insurance companies must contend among one another, they are now focused on managing the costs rather than the quality of their services.

Businesses are faced with huge deductibles and need direct legal advice and assistance while choosing the best in insurance contracts.

At KAZ-Law , we provide such advice to help our client attain the best legal coverage. We also resolve insurance claims.

Our team advises on retail and wholesale insurance contracts, the regulatory regime applying to them, along with strategic approaches to litigation when necessary.


Intellectual Property:

Our lawyers, some with scientific qualifications, are experts in all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP); from securing protection, through commercialization transactions, to enforcement in oppositions and litigation.

Our credentials in IP come from working with leading international companies and organizations.

Branding is the IP key driver for industries like food, pharmaceuticals, household products, luxury goods, apparel, financial services and telecommunications. At KAZ-Law we clear new brands, register and maintain IP rights and enforce those rights.

As to Media, entertainment and technology, our copyright legal advisers negotiate and arbitrate disputes, counsel and legally advise and enforce these IP rights against infringers and counterfeiters.

In short, at KAZ-Law we litigate and counsel on IP rights, validity and infringement issues.



Leasing is probably the most controversial subject in the Lebanese legal system. Many laws and legislations have been issued to regulate and control problems arising from lease contracts, such as termination, prolongation, rights and obligations of both the lessor and the lessee …

At KAZ-Law , we deal with a numerous number of leasing files, and the experience we gained is incomparable.

In addition, of course, to setting up lease contracts, either for the advantage of the lessor or for the advantage of the lessee at both the domestic and international levels.



All parties along the business chain must consider their liability for potential damage caused by their products or representatives. Faulty design, manufacture or marketing can leave manufacturers, wholesales and retailers facing liability actions with huge reputations risks.

At KAZ-Law , we utilize our knowledge of the local legal business environment along with our international network of affiliates to provide timely legal advice to local and international clients.

Our team is particularly experienced in meeting the legal needs of Middle-East based clients – both in-house legal counsel and litigation lawyers – to ensure the appropriate protection of their lawful rights.



– Disputes are part of doing business. Organizations and individual needs swift, accurate advice to help minimize the impact of disputes.

– KAZ-Law has a strong reputation for effectively dealing with commercial disputes in courts and through alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

– Winning or loosing large and complex disputes relies on the depth, accuracy and forensic skills of litigation lawyers. In conjunction with our clients, we advise litigation strategies that realistically identify the prospects of Law and Justice, focusing on achieving beneficial results.

– Despite the convenience and popularity of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, litigation remains the main source of judicial dispute settlement. Law and the judicial system are the focus of our litigators.

– Expertise of our litigation team include:

– corporate regulation
– commissions and inquiries
– contractual dispute litigation
– property dispute litigation
– trade and commercial litigation


Maritime Law:

Our Firm specialty is Maritime Law. It deals with all the legal issues that may arise as a Commercial Maritime Transaction. For example, damaged cargo arriving at the port. Problems with the bill of lading, etc …



Mediation is a very important method of solving legal disputes; it is simply quicker, easier and less expensive, than going to the courts.

Members of KAZ-Law have played the role of mediators in many disputes, especially between foreign parties (physical or virtual entities) and parties inside the Lebanese territory.


Medical Malpractice:

As the health services sector wrestles with how to best deal with today's challenges of resource allocation, financial performance and clinical outcomes, our lawyers focus on representing individuals who were victims of Medical Malpractice.

KAZ–Law has a strong profile in this field, offering advisory and legal representation for those patients. We act for the public sector as well as for individuals. Litigated and un-litigated claims are one of the areas of our expertise in this domain.



A good contract or deal depends on good negotiations. The more experienced the negotiator is, the better the conditions he can attain for his client.

At KAZ-Law we are known for our excellent negotiating capabilities. Whatever the subject under negotiation is, our expert negotiation team manages to strongly prevail and cope

Many of the deals that we've been a part of show the important role we've played to attain our clients' benefits.


In today's business environment, technology and intellectual property rights are top priority.

Whether a business owns a technology, a patent, a trademark, a copyright or is acquiring rights to use them; it is important that it be represented by legal advisories experienced in such fields.

These rights could be used as powerful tools to create or maintain a competitive advantage. Registration at the commercial register or at the specified department in the Ministry of the Economy is one of these tools.

Forgery, fraud and imitation are few of the infringements that threaten such rights.

At KAZ–Law we have experience in protecting our clients' Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. Counseling and litigation are among the many legal services we provide in this field.

Our lawyers' help clients develop legal strategies to obtain, assert, preserve and defend such rights within courts and outside the judicial system.



Privatization has developed in the recent years in Lebanon , and many institutions, which belonged to the government in the past, have been transferred to the private sector. More institutions are for ahead on the road to privatization.

Recent privatization projects have included the Mobile Phone Sector (cell phones).

At KAZ-Law , we've studied the concept of Privatization from the legal point of view, and we've participated in the bids that we're organized by the Governmental institutions through representing Lebanese and foreign companies.

One of our last participation was representing a Russian client in the latest Bid for one of the two mobile – phone providers in Lebanon .


Property Laws:

Property laws discuss the land property inside Lebanon . As for the Lebanese citizens, each citizen has the right to own as mush as land property as he wants. But the case is different for foreigners. Much legislation was made in order to organize the issue of foreign property rights.

As for our role in this matter, KAZ-Law members have participated in many lectures discussing this issue. KAZ-Law also finds legal solutions to foreigners who would like to own a property inside Lebanon , and prepares all documents necessary to obtain this property.

At KAZ-Law we also take on our behalf all the matters related to foreigners owning extra land, of course through presidential decrees.



The property industry plays a vital role in Lebanese wealth creation. It is often viewed as a barometer for the entire economy.

Issues facing the sector include building limitations in specific areas and restricting ownership for non-nationals.

KAZ-Law provides a comprehensive range of legal services for developers, investors and non-nationals. Our team includes an investigative department that performs a background check on the buyer and seller. They check the authenticity of the deed to the property and investigate its legal position (mortgage… etc).

We have advised on few of the significant property transactions undertaken in Lebanon . Our team of legal advisors draft contracts that include the buyers, sellers, the bank and the investors, all bound together by a complex relationship.

The ability to provide sample legal advice to rather large national transactions is a key differentiator of our property practice. We bring numerous parties with different requirements together.

Our team also draws experience of the wider areas of Lebanese Laws among which restrictions are imposed on the property ownership for non-nationals.



Lebanon has experienced a period of unprecedented change in its tax-system, as both the government and business sector implemented the value added tax (V.A.T.).

While the spotlight has been on these massive changes, other taxes continued to require attention, such as Income Tax.

At KAZ-Law we provide a high level combination of legal advice coupled with an experience in representing clients in both Litigation and Investigative proceedings.

Unfair Competition and regulation:

Competition law plays a central role in regulating business. Few areas of economic activity are outside the scope of its realm. It governs anti-competitive and unfair market practices.

At KAZ-Law we protect our clients, including those in telecom and automotive industry, from unfair competitors. Sole distributors and other exclusive representatives require adequate protection against those who try to forge and imitate the products and brands they represent. These representatives also need to be assured that no one would successfully attempt to sell such entities within their territory of representation.

As competition Law and regulation becomes increasingly complex and wide spread in application, KAZ-Law 's national team provides a comprehensive range of skills across the Middle East region to meet those challenges.


Wills and Succession:

As discussed in the sections of Family Laws and Heritage Laws, Wills and Successions Laws differ due to the difference of religions and sects. Not all religions and sects allow Wills and Succession, and amongst those who allow it, a difference appears in the proportion of the assets that a person is allowed to transfer to his successors.

At KAZ-Law we deal with all practical solutions to apply the rules of Wills and Succession, and in order to do so, we have to work and collaborate with many governmental and religious authorities, to attain our clients' interests.