Pro Bono  

Legal consultation is everyone's right.

In light of the above, KAZ-Law has always maintained a commitment to society through Pro Bono activity.

We strongly believe in fulfilling the obligation to assist, through Pro Bono work, those individuals and groups unable to afford legal services. Our attorneys (both litigators and non-litigators) represent organizations and individuals of limited means in matters including evictions (low-income tenants); Social Security claims; criminal appeals; divorces and employment discrimination and unemployment cases. Our attorneys also counsel nonprofit charitable and cultural organizations

The firm's long-standing commitment to Pro Bono work has been based largely on the belief that such work is part of the basic role of lawyers as members of the legal system and as officers of the court. In addition, our younger associates derive substantial benefits from Pro Bono projects, including: (i) one-on-one mentoring; (ii) the broadening of their legal experience outside their practice area; and (iii) the chance to see more immediate and direct results of their own efforts.

Our basic approach to Pro Bono work is permitting each lawyer to select his/her own Pro Bono matters, as long as they do not conflict with or contravene the interests of other clients. In appropriate instances, we have as a firm, marshaled teams of lawyers to pursue larger matters which could have a great impact on shortcomings in the prevailing system.

In addition, together with our non-lawyer staff, we all volunteer time and resources outside our professional domain to organize activities for the socially deprived, such as throwing dinners for the needy and tutoring sessions for the orphans.