KAZ-Law provides legal services to a series of national and international enterprises of different sizes, as well to individuals and organizations.

Our firm has an extensive and impressive client list, including substantial companies (including offshore), venture capitalists, newspapers, magazines and non-governmental organizations operating in all sectors.

Accuracy, speed, compatibility and value have been cited by clients as major attributes of the firm.

On top of its Elite Clientele, the firm is proudly a big promoter of public cases, human rights and above all as Dr. Abou'Zahr puts it: “the right of legal advice for every one, the poor as well as the rich”.

Some of the factors which we focus on, while delivering our legal services are:

– Quality
– Specialized Knowledge
– Comprehensive Advice covering numerous fields
– Flexibility and Reliability
– Confidentiality
– Distinctive awareness of the fees and costs
– Close cooperation with banks, public and governmental authorities etc.